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Little House Party Decorations

 In my opinion, a Little House-themed birthday party should be fairly simple. So when we had our Little House party, I tried to keep it simple while providing a lot of pioneer fun for the party guests. I wanted the decorations to be tied to Little House...rustic and simple, with reminders of the pioneer days and Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Be sure to check out our other posts about the Little House party. Find all the links at the end of this posts.

Tree Stumps for Climbing and Sitting for Little House Party 

Most of the party was spent outdoors, so the party decorations were minimal. In Little House in the Big Woods, the children enjoyed jumping from stump to stump in yard. Big Sister's great-grandfather helped us out. He provided us with plenty of stumps for the Little House party guests to climb upon. Later, they served as seats. The galvanized pail was used for the garden work...even if it says Penn State.
Tree stumps for jumping and sitting at the Little House party.

Book Decorations and Gift Table for Little House Party

I knew we would have an area with Little House books. Big Sister's new birthday gift of the nine-book set (affiliate link), along with Little House picture books (of our own and from the library) were on the quilt-covered table. The children enjoyed the little log cabin decoration. The guests placed the gifts under the table.
Little House books displayed on a quilt for party.

Quilt for Relaxing at Little House Party

Also outside, we had a quilt spread for relaxing. The paper bags of popcorn were there, as well as homemade wooden blocks for building. (We already had these on hand.)
Relaxing on a quilt during the Little House party.

Mercantile Store for Little House Party

Inside, we had a mercantile store set up for the Little House party. We used baskets and mason jars to hold items at the store. (I will be blogging about the store soon!)
A pretend play mercantile story for a Little House party.

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~ Annette Whipple
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