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How to Make Felt Braids

A couple years ago, my oldest was turning six years old.  She had a Little House birthday party to celebrate.  Later that month, she turned her pioneer dress, apron, and bonnet into a Laura Ingalls Wilder costume by adding felt braids.
Pioneer Bonnet and How to Make Felt Braids
You can make your own fake braids quite easily, and no yarn is needed! My inspiration came from this Rapunzel wig. You can also make longer, thicker braids using fleece or a larger piece of felt.

DIY Felt Braids

Supplies Needed for Two Braids

1 felt rectangle in preferred hair color (or more if you want longer braids)
2 safety pins
2 rubber-bands 
2 ribbons (optional)
hat or bonnet

Directions for Two Braids

1. Cut felt rectangle felt according to this diagram. First, cut it lengthwise in the middle. Next, partially cut each half into three equal pieces.
How to Make Felt Braids
2. Safety pin one half of the felt to your pants or another secure area. 
How to Make Felt Braids
3. Tightly braid the felt. Secure with a rubber-band. Repeat with the other piece of felt.
DIY Felt Braids for Costume
4. Attach braids to bonnet using safety pins. Add ribbons, if desired.
DIY Pioneer Girl Costume
To create a pioneer costume, add an old-fashioned dress and apron. Bare feet are optional. 

And remember, Mary Ingalls had blue hair ribbons while Laura Ingalls wore red ribbons. Though On the Banks of Plum Creek it says Laura's ribbons were pink.

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~ Annette Whipple
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