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LauraPalooza and More

If you follow me on social media or get my monthly author newsletter, you know I'm excited to attend LauraPalooza in New England. The Laura Ingalls Wilder Legacy and Research Association puts on a Laura Ingalls Wilder conference every few years near different Ingalls/Wilder homesites. I'm honored to be part of an incredible lineup of speakers during this year's LauraPalooza conference.

Author Cindy Wilson and I are teaming up for another book discussion. (This is our first in-person book chat!) We'll talk about Laura Ingalls Wilder's Farmer Boy. It was one of my favorite books to write about in my own book The Laura Ingalls Wilder Companion, so I'm especially excited. 

When I wrote The Laura Ingalls Wilder Companion, I was limited to 50,000 words. There was so much more that I wanted to include! Book discussions are a great way to share some of that "other" research and knowledge. 
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We'll be in Burlington, Vermont for the main part of the conference. A day trip to the childhood home of Almanzo Wilder is an optional part of the conference. My research trip to the Almanzo Wilder Homestead was incredible (linked to my blog post), so I'm excited for the folks who will visit there for the first time. 

Will I see you at LauraPalooza? I hope so! In the meantime...

My writing and family keep me quite busy. You might remember I love to write history and science. The fourth book in The Truth About series came out last month with Reycraft Books. Ribbit! The Truth About Frogs has been a big hit! 
I just shared the cover for the next book in the series which will be Meow! The Truth About Cats. (Take a peek at that link or the next one.) If you're a cat lover, I hope you'll consider pre-ordering it for yourself or as a gift--or ask your library to pre-order it. You can learn more about those books, their award nominations, as well as teacher and writing resources at my author site

I have more books in the works, too, including a book that combines my love of animals and my Christian faith. My monthly newsletter is the best place to keep up to date with my writing and upcoming events. You can subscribe here if that interests you.

Happy Trails! 
~ Annette 
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