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A Little House Resource for Teachers and Readers

Teachers and homeschooling families often create whole units of study related to a children’s book. The Little House books have been a longstanding gem for combining reading, writing, and hist does not include any lesson plans. Instead, it's written for the child. BUT it is full of history, discussion questions, and hands-on activities. It can be used by individuals or small groups. Teachers and parents can also use The Laura Ingalls Wilder Companion as a guide through American history. With 75 activities there’s plenty to do with every book to help young readers Live Like Laura (and Almanzo)!

Thank you for spreading the word that The Laura Ingalls Wilder Companion (affiliate link) can be a great tool for parents and teacher though it’s written for the child reader. I really appreciate it! 

 Happy Trails! ~ Annette 

 Annette Whipple is a nonfiction children's author. Learn more about her books and presentations at

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