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Lessons from Laura: Circumstances

Recently I saw a meme that said, "Now I know why Laura Ingalls would get so excited when she'd get to go into town with Pa." I can certainly relate in these days of isolation. Do you?

The chatter in a Laura Ingalls Wilder Facebook group has included more parallels between the Little House books and our current status of social distancing and isolation. 
Life Lessons from Laura Ingalls Wilder
One member, Jan Wheaton, shared the following.

I've been thinking about Little Town on the Prairie when Laura is nervous about going to a birthday party and doesn't know how to behave in a setting which is new, and even foreign, to her. Ma's response is to tell her that she has been taught to behave no matter where she is.
In a world that's gone crazy, and we are all in completely foreign circumstances, some things have not changed. We, too, have been taught how to behave - to be kind, to work hard, to be considerate, to help others when we can, etc. Like Laura, our circumstances have changed, but not the way we should behave.
Thank you, Jan for that wisdom. We know what to do. Let's do it!

About Jan
Jan Wheaton has been a long time fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder. As a child, the Little House books provided entertainment, but as an adult, Jan embraces Wilder's example as a person of character, sincerity, and stamina. She especially likes to focus on the real life of Laura Ingalls Wilder. 

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