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Stump Jump

Mary and Laura liked visiting Uncle Henry and Aunt Polly's house. Their yard was full of tree stumps. The children loved to climb and jump. You can play stump jump, too. You don't even need a stump!

Wooded Area Option:
Visit a wooded area with several downed trees. Create your own game by climbing on the logs, stumps, or even big rocks. Try to stay off the ground.

No Woods Option:
Create an obstacle course that challenges you to stay off the ground. Outdoors you might use a swing set or hay bales. Another option is cut logs or walk along a long 2x4 plank. Indoors (or outdoors) you might spread old towels or washcloths out to create an obstacle course.

Read more about how Mary and Laura played stump jump in Little House in the Big Woods. Find more Little House fun in the menu tab (at the top of this blog) called "Live Like Laura."

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Happy Trails!
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  1. However, for others who have never experienced this sort of time in their childhood days, tree climbing could be a fascination which they discover overwhelming.