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Almanzo's Milk and Popcorn Challenge

I suspect every kid (and grown-up) who has read Laura Ingalls Wilder's Farmer Boy wonders if you can really take a full cup of popcorn and put it into a full cup of milk without spilling a drop.
Last week I popped some fresh popcorn for a snack. When my son grabbed a cup of milk to go with his popcorn, I remembered Almanzo's milk and popcorn challenge.

First we filled a glass to the brim with milk. Then we filled an identical glass with popcorn.
Then my son transferred the popcorn to the glass of milk.
We actually pressed the popcorn down into the glass. Almanzo was right! Not a drop spilled!
Not only that, but my son agrees with Almanzo: Popcorn and milk go great together! 
(Excuse the blurry picture. It was the only one where you could see how he liked it. I think he'd had about two spoonfuls at that point.) 

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 Happy Trails! ~ Annette

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