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Pioneer and Little House Word Searches

With an upcoming pioneer life program, I wanted to share something for the participants to use that my Little House Companion readers might also appreciate. Here are three pioneer and Little House word searches for you.

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The words in these pioneer and Little House word searches go across, down, and diagonally. No words are backwards! I wanted these to be easy enough for elementary students to complete without too much frustration. 
A big thanks goes out to those of you who helped me come up with pioneer and Little House words to include in the word searches! I asked for help on the Little House Companion Facebook page and was so excited about the responses. The word search creator limits how many words can be used so I had to be quite selective. But as you can see, I still made two Pioneer Living word searches. I couldn't stop at just one.

These word searches are for personal and educational use, including classroom use. The answer keys are included.

Enjoy the pioneer and Little House word searches! If you

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