My New Books

I'd like to share some personal news with you. It's not related to Laura Ingalls Wilder or the Little House books. If you're not interested, just skip this blog post. 

I'm so glad you are still reading! This month I will have two new books for children out from Rourke Educational Media. These are nonfiction books, written especially for children in grades 2-4. I think the photographs and graphics really make these books pop. They were fun to research and write.

Flowers Book Description: 
Flowers are more than just decoration. They have an important job. But they can't always do it alone. Find out more about the work of flowers, how they attract help, and how they help plant species survive.
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Soil Book Description:
Soil hides most of the time, but it's important. Dig into the layers of soil and learn how it is made. Find out how soil helps plants and other living things thrive. Are you ready to get your hands dirty? 
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I can't wait to see the actual books! (I did get to see PDFs of the books before it went to print, but it's not quite the same.)

Some have asked, so I thought I would let you know if you are interested in supporting any author (including me), in addition to buying a copy of the book (which make great gifts), you can ask your local library to purchase a copy of the book. (If you do, make sure you borrow it!) Like many authors, I love to provide author visits to schools, libraries, and even private groups. Recommendations are always appreciated. 

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Thanks so much!
~ Annette Whipple